Why you need a tax accountant? (Tax Preparation) Part 1

There is nothing easy about preparing your own tax return. Simply filing a relatively simple return can be complicated enough, let alone keeping up the ever-changing rules and regulations, number crunching and searching through financial records and receipts.


 It is far too easy to make a simple mistake such as overlooking deductions and credits. Even using a computer program comes with its own set of problems. There is no substitute for Bambridge Tax Services.


Sole Proprietors and Single Members LLCs: Schedule C, Schedule E Filers


Running your own business comes with more than enough stress before you even begin to think of your taxes. If you own a small business and haven’t tracked your bookkeeping, don’t stress. We’re here to help. We can prepare your bookkeeping for the year, along with a full Schedule C, as well as your personal income tax return. Then we can help you start up a system that allows to track your own books next year.


·      Companies pick us for a number of reasons. A few of the benefits:

·      Tax deductions and credits for your business

·      Income and expense record keeping advice

·      Tax guidance for employees and contractors

·      Project and plan for quarterly and year-end taxes


Corporations, Professional Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships and Multi-member LLC’s: 1120, 1120S, 1065 Filers

Bambridge Tax Services are specialists in navigating the hugely varying unique tax requirements that come hand-in-hand with running a business. We will use our expert tax knowledge to help you design and restructure strategies that will minimise your taxes.

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