Why are freelancers earning less than they did 20 years ago?

In 1995 a freelancer would expect to take home an average of £300 per week. In todays work an average freelancer might expect just £240. In 1995 23% of self-employed workers employed at least one other person, today this figure is only 11%. So what’s changed?


Generally, self-employed wages have generally stagnated over the past two decades. There has been big changes in the type of work Britain’s self-employed workers have been doing. Some are IT contractors, while others are self-employed creative industry professionals.  


The number of self-employed professionals is up 45% since 2002- that’s one in seven of all workers.  This explosion in self-employment could be the reason why businesses are more driven than ever to cut costs and reduce the risk of having to pay statutory benefits.


A massive contributor to this sudden surge in self-employment is the Uber/Deliveroo/App generation.


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